BMW RnineT


Built 2015
Purchased September 2015, new
Engine 1,170 cc, 2 Cylinder Boxer, 4-stroke, 4-V OHV, air/oil cooled
Power 110 hp / 81 kw at 7,750 rpm
Torque 119 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Transmission Helical 6speed, single plate dry clutch, shaft drive
Brakes front Dual 4 Piston radial calipers, floating brake discs
Brakes rear Single 2 Piston floating caliper, fixed disk
Tires front 120/70 ZR17, Metzeler Roadtec Z8
Tires rear 180/55 ZR17, Metzeler Roadtec Z8
Curb weight 222 kg



   Tail end 
   The original, aesthetically rather unpleasant plastic rear fender/license plate
   assembly was replaced with a custom made tail end made from aluminum.
   The new tail end utilizes the OEM tail light and includes mounting points for the
   rear turn indicators. 

   Passenger seat storage case
   Since the R9T does not offer any storage room I designed a medium sized 
   storage case which can be swapped with the OEM passenger seat.
   I bought a used passenger seat, removed the seat cushion and attached the base
   structure to the (reinforced) bottom of a NELSON storage case.
   For aesthetic reasons the base is “surrounded” with a polished aluminum frame.
   Since the mounting points of the original passenger seat and the storage case are
   identical, both can be swapped easily. 

   Tank bag
   Again, to address the shortage of luggage space, a BMW tank bag holder was
   installed, allowing to attach a tank bag easily.

   License plate holder
   New, custom made aluminum license plate holder with carbon frame and LED license
   plate lights, attached to the right side of the final drive.

   Rear view mirrors
   New handle bar rear view mirrors, replacing the (aesthetically oversized) OEM mirrors. 

   Helmet lock
   Custom made aluminum holder for numbered helmet lock with stainless steel cable,
   attached to the left frame.

   Garage door opener
   Custom made aluminum holder for garage door opener, attached to the left engine
   intake cover.

   12V connector
   Additional, cigarette lighter style 12V connector attached to the left engine intake cover.

   Turn indicators
   In order to “complete” the redesigned tail end I replaced the OEM rear turn indicators
   with shorter, but otherwise identical versions.

   The original, now removed rear fender included reflectors. New reflectors were added
   to the left and right side of the frame.